I was recently interviewed for a magazine article on Facebook Ads. I think some of the answers I can help people Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth consider starting with the Facebook Ads …

How Facebook ads can help my business?

Facebook offers a unique and powerful way to show your ads to people most likely to care about your business.
By advertising, you can:

Reach people based on location, age, gender, interests and more.
Use tools to understand how they are doing and make them better.

It really depends on what will help your business achieve the goal, so consider that, then work out how Facebook ads can help you achieve it.

What should I promote? (Page, website, tickets, opt-in)

Most of the people we work with pursuing one of several things:
1 / -people like The increase / grow their audience
2 / The increased involvement – more people see and interact / act on his post
3 / Website traffic – more and more people to their website, which, if it is high converting websites must generate leads or sales

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They are the most common. But there are more things you can do with the Facebook advertising, including improving attendance to your event, download your app, reach out to people in your area (great for people with physical locations) and many more.

Any tricks for Facebook ads?

Wow that’s like asking ‘what tricks to build a rocket ship’. There’s sort of a few tricks involved! 😉

How much should I spend?

It really depends on what your goals are. If your budget is limited, you can get away with $ 200 – $ 300 per month on a post driven, but this will only achieve the one result – improved visibility of your posts. If you want to be more serious about pursuing the results via Facebook Advertising, we would recommend the $ 5 – $ 7 PER GOAL you want to meet. For example, if you want more love, you will do a campaign solely on allocating $ 5- $ 7 a day just that. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, add a minimum of $ 5- $ 7 to reach it. And continue to be so.

Do I need a big following for FB ads work?

Not necessarily. It’s certainly not all about love today. It’s more about what results you get from Facebook. You can have like a very low base, but keep driving tons of traffic from Facebook ads you directly to your website and generate inquiries and sales. You can also generate a direct question on Facebook via function Lead Form. Large following may look impressive, but they are certainly not the be all and end all.

How do I know if they work?

You have to check a few things such as:
1 / Results displays in Facebook Business Manager or Advertising Manager. There are various drop down menu that can be applied to slice and dice the data.
2 / Make sure you have Google Analytics and conversion tracking in place to measure results from Facebook ads on Google as well (they are always around half as reports Facebook!) As an agent we like to use Google Tag Manager to dispose of our Google Analytics tracking and Facebook pixels to for keep everything neat and tidy. It also helps to update the make it easier.
3 / Taking a look at your Facebook Insights (on your page) can also help you understand your audience and how it can change the subject for your Facebook ad, depending on the type of ad campaign you’re running and for what period of time.

What are the top tips for effective Facebook advertising?

great image that will connect with your audience is key. careful headline and call to action is very important as well. If you are sending traffic to your website, you will also need good conduct / high converting sites to get maximum results.

When I had to start using FB ads?

Once you have set up on Facebook, which is clear on your goals and your target market, has the image of a great, great offer / hooks or marketing message public, have downloaded Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth every database you have access to (for upload to the Facebook Business Manager).

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