What’s the Perfect Length To Content (and 15 Ways To Hit The Target)

What’s the Perfect Length To Content (and 15 Ways To Hit The Target)

That is the question I was asked almost every week.

And for good reason.

Confusing web is packed with advice on Digital Marketing Company in Bath how long should the ideal blog post.

Well in a data-driven article, you will learn exactly how long your blog posts must also 15 solid tips from the trenches to help you write this amount every day, including:

You will learn what online tools out there to help you write faster
mental tricks to ensure you are in the ‘zone of the authors’.
Instead engineer articles virus (so that your article will go viral)
And much more.

Let’s do it:

How Long Should I Be Next Blog Post?
Even the analysis of the script that the highest ranking in Google shows that long-form content is more likely to get your content ranked on page 1 of Google, not to mention the study showed that more content is likely to attract more social stock and increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site which is great for SEO.

It is quite obvious that if you are in the business of digital content creation, then you need to develop long-form writing.

However it is all well and good to say this, it is entirely another thing to crank out a 2700 word post, 5 days a week.

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But what if I tell you that you can begin to create a post long form quickly and not just once a week but once a day?

Sound too good to be true?

Well stay here and I will share with you my 15 tips that help me to do that, and in the process allowed me to get thousands of social shares for clients.

The figure below shows the account Grammarly I said checked ‘ratio during the week of production of high content.

gram 1

Now all the words are not from a blog post but for 5 days in 9310 said he worked every day, and yes this is what I call a ‘week’ power. This is where I made a lot of client work in rapid succession.

So how many words you need to create to try and write five posts every week there are around 2700 words?

Well, simple mathematics will tell you 13,500 (and yes I need a calculator for that little simple math).

Now if you want a bit of fun, walk to the person responsible for your company’s blog and ask them to start writing a post 2700 words every day.

I’d be willing to guess that their faces would soon deplete all colors.

It was me a few years ago.

I wrote a 500-word blog post, and I think I have done a great job.

These days, if I write 1500 words for the post, I thought I was having an easy time of it.

But like I said, it was not always like this. I’m struggling to write a few hundred words, but over time, I take a lot of tips and tricks that help me to write more.

And so here are the 15 best tips to help you to create incredible articles every day:

15 Tips To Help You To Write Long Form Blog Posts (Every Day)

  1. Writing On A Subject You Know To Craft Creative Digital Content On Speed
    True knowledge is much different than just regurgitate the subject. That’s why I like working with clients over a period of 6 or 12 months.

During that period my knowledge of the subject or field they will be more detailed and thus my posts tend to be more personal for the audience.

When I first started doing this I do not know what I’m doing; I’m just trying to write for an audience and things fell flat. But over time I have created a system that gives me real way to supercharge my knowledge.

a) The first step is to head to my Amazon and started going through the books of my clients the best in the industry

b) Then I will go to my house Blinkist their app or site to see whether books are in the application.

Blinkist is an application in which all kinds of non-fiction books have been broken with bite size pieces of important Digital Marketing Company Bath or Flashing they call. So you get all the good bits and zeros of fur, and this helped me to increase my knowledge on the subject.

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