Why Marketing Seminar E-Learning Turns On Its Head

Why Marketing Seminar E-Learning Turns On Its Head

When I signed up for a Marketing Seminar (called TMS for short) in the summer of 2017, I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect.

As a huge fan and follower Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle of Seth Godin, I have a feeling that it would be money well spent no matter what the course is like.

And from the first day I was surprised because unlike other online courses I ever bought did not come with a lifetime access.

Suddenly a cold sweat appeared, and the veil of panic slid down my face.


lifetime access to the online course is pretty much a given these days, so to see this from Seth surprised me and scared me a bit of a.

So every day for (I believe 30 days) I need to pay attention and make up my mind to this course.

It would not be one of the courses that you flip through.

Instead, this is a course with no tests and no lifetime access.

This unique concept meant I had to appear if I will get my money’s worth and it could not be a program I bought and placed in the ‘will do this one day course’ my folder.

I must start this course NOW!

In addition of course, there is an online forum that is attached to it, here you can meet fellow students and do your homework (yes, you get homework most days). This is another unique aspect of the course.

Unique, like Seth himself, actually in this forum. He stopped by and posting in forums, and yes, I got fantastic comments from the man himself.

It all adds to the feeling that this is much more than an online course, it is the University.

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Ok, so after I had adjusted to any pressure really like?

Seth Godin daily bomb Knowledge
Seth stocks every day online videos, sometimes two pins which lasted about 8 to 10 minutes.

And this is Seth Godin at best.

I make more than 200 pages of notes written on this course because every sentence is a gold mine of marketing information.

Here are some of the topics covered:

What marketing, positioning, what people want, market research, culture, worldview and personas, why people do not vote for you, how to get the word out, trust and tension, empathy in B2B marketing, the role of status, desire, PR, plan modern marketing, pricing, brand building, stories, testimonials, permission marketing, parts and more too.

I have never been on a course that is more detailed and also more valuable.

In addition to all these different subjects, Seth walks you through many case studies, taking real-life business and walk you through how they have implemented a variety of concepts to great success.

Seth Godin remarkable Have A Way Of Teaching
How Seth Godin teaches makes everything sound so simple, but in this course, Seth also put some real meat on the bones of his concepts, many of which he has written a book about.

For example, Seth Rogers Curve walks you through and explain why people become early adopters and how to reach this audience.

He also went deep and talk about the actual history of PR and if you have to use it for your business, and of course, talking about the approach Purple Cow Seth famous and exactly how that came to be successful.

This course is very detailed but equally entertaining. Seth stunning presentation style is fun to watch.

I can not remember an online course I have that is so captivating.

How My Business Seminar Marketing Help
If you are like me, I am taking this course to help grow my business, and without doubt it.

Yes, I have taken other online courses, and they also have helped, but this course has provided itself with tangible benefits.

I have been able to focus my marketing efforts, reduce waste of my budget and time.

It has allowed me to redefine my business Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle approach and yes, more money has come as a result.

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